Nexus S Makes Appearance At Web 2.0


As we expected and reported yesterday with tips from AndroidCentral and Engadet, the much talked about and highly anticipated Nexus S was shown off moments ago at the Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco.

The Nexus S, originally leaked on was rumored to be announced at the Samsung Continuum event in New York on November 8th. We reported several times that this wasn’t the case. Although Taylor Wimberley seemed to nail the rest of the details on the head.

Although judging by the form factor this is almost definitely a Samsung Device, Schmidt had the logo covered up with tape. Schmidt revealed that this device, the Nexus S, will have “NFC” features that will, one day lead to replacing the credit card. Schmidt announced it as yet an unnannounced manufacturer and an unnannounced phone. Engadget was able to acquire a close up photo that did reveal the carrier is T-Mobile… Developing

Source: Engadget

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