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Netflix To Android in Early 2011


In a blog post today on the official Netflix blog, Product Development Head, Greg Peters addressed Android.
The popular Netflix app is a staple among iPad and iPhone users. Netflix is also available on Windows Phone 7 devices. There has been a ripple through b the Android community as of late because Netflix skipped over us for WP7.
Peters said that Android is “…an exciting technology that drives a range of devices…”.  Peters went on to say that the hurdle for Netflix has been the lack of a generic platform wide system for security and it’s making it hard to get DRM in place. It is disturbing that Netflix can’t figure this issue out, yet a bankrupt Blockbuster can.
While Peters is disturbed by the fact that Netflix can’t release a platform wide app, he did say that Netflix will be released on select devices early in 2011.

Source: Netflix Blog

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