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Motorola Tops Android Phones in Latest Changewave Survey

Let’s preface this piece by saying in the most recent Changewave survey of customer satisfaction with smartphones, the iPhone was the number 1 with 78% however this is an Android website so let’s get into that…

The latest survey by Changewave looked at reactions and impressions of new smartphone owners.  According to research firm Gartner and several others smartphone sales have doubled consistently quarter over quarter from the same quarters the previous year.  As more and more mobile phone users dump their wireline phones and their feature phones for smartphones, customer satisfaction is a key metric to all of the major manufacturers.

In the most recent Changewave survey of smartphone customer satisfaction, released Friday, Motorola topped the Android category with a whopping 71% out of the test sample of  1,212.  Of those satisfied Motorola/Android customers 74% of Droid 2 owners are completely satisfied.  71% of Motorola Droid X customers are completely satisfied, and after a year on the market 69% of original (OG) Droid customers are completely satisfied.

HTC was the next highest scoring company in terms of customer satisfaction with 63%.  The HTC model with the most customer satisfaction was no surprise, the HTC EVO 4G on Sprint. 76% of HTC Evo 4G owners in the survey said they were completely satisfied. The HTC Droid Incredible came in at 70% of totally satisfied customers.

Samsung on the other hand came in 4th place with only 45%.  55% of Samsung Galaxy S owners are completely satisfied with their purchase whereas only 28% of other Samsung smartphone owners are completely satisfied, which includes Samsung Moment, Samsung Intercept, Samsung Transform, and the Samsung Behold II among others.

Overall not a bad showing for Android. RIM, the manufacturer of Blackberry came in last in this survey with only 44% of their new smartphone customers satisfied with their purchase. This is surprising because many RIM customers purchase Blackberry devices on their own after having used them on the job.

Survey after survey Android consistently improves.

Source: Investorplace/Changewave

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