Motorola Olympus May See Life in December or January?

Friends of ATT-Share on Facebook were greeted with a treat this morning in regards to the highly anticipated Motorola Olympus phone.  The Olympus phone is the first Motorola Android device to feature a Nvidia Tegra 2 processor.  Rumors of the Motorola Olympus, once code named “Terminator” by android fan site,, have been circulating since early October.

The Android community was holding it’s breath to see a true dual core phone released before the end of this year.  If the facebook interaction between “Scott” and the ATT Share team is any indication, we may see this device before the end of 2010.  The website Boy Genius Report, was able to get a screen shot of the exchange (above).  AT&T replied with a comment to the Boy Genius report saying that the post was erroneous and they do not comment on unreleased devices.  Looks like someone may have gotten into a bit of trouble this morning.

Source: Boy Genius Report via Android Guys

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