Motorola Droid Pro Unboxing and Early Review

Before Android my personal smartphone of choice was always by RIM/Blackberry, I became accustomed to Blackberries qwerty keyboard, quick adds to dictionary, typing with my thumbs and typing with just one thumb. The problem was Blackberry couldn’t (and in my opinion still can’t) do much more than Email, Texts and view documents. That’s one of the reason I love Android so much.

Fast forward to the summer of 2010 and the first inclings of the Motorola Charm, YES! A blackberry esque Android device.  Well while we wouldn’t totally bash any Android device it wasn’t the Blackberry killer we were looking for.

However… The Motorola Droid Pro is.  Yes! And it is quickly becoming thedroidguy’s go-to phone (at least for right now).

The Droid Pro combines Business with Android. It features Android 2.2 and all of it’s goodness. One of the greatest features about Android 2.2 is how it remembers your apps, once I started the Droid Pro up and logged into my google account my apps just started popping up. FANTASTIC!

Android 2.2 also gives you wifi tethering, although the past few Android phones on Verizon have also had wifi tethering dating back to the Droid X and Android 2.1

The press release says that the Droid Pro features a keyboard designed for speed and convenience. I had the opportunity last night at Pepcom to try the Blackberry Torch’s keyboard right next to the Droid Pro and it definitely has speed and convenience down pat.

One of my personal favorites about the Droid Pro is it brought Google back.  Bing really brings an Android device down in my opinion simply because as an Android and Google enthusiast it’s what I’m used to. It’s our theory based on facts presented to us and given to you that only Motorola “Droid” branded Android devices will feature Google as the default search.

Android 2.2 combined with the Droid Pro’s 1GHz processor makes navigating between apps, home screens and phone calls a breeze and fast.  The Droid Pro is also a “World” phone and comes with a pre-installed SIM card branded Verizon/Vodaphone. In the box you will find a special phone number to call to set up global services on your Droid Pro. This is perfect for covering events in Europe and Asia.  Also for the worldly business traveler, Motorola has thrown in the power adapters for Europe and Asia along with a travel power adapter with a really long cord.

Keeping business in mind the Droid Pro comes with extra layers of security and encryption (available in early 2011) It’s also the first Android device to offer the ability to wipe the phones internal memory and SD card remotely.  The Droid Pro features remote password management as well.

To date we’ve been really impressed with the Original Motorola Droid, Droid X and now the Droid Pro!

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