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Motorola Defy Will Get Android 2.2, At Least in Europe

The most recent upgrade schedule for Motorola Android phones has a bunch of non-surprising information. Also, as we’ve seen this list of release dates really means nothing in relation to what actually happens with Motorola Android upgrades. However, the list does show that the Motorola Defy in Europe will receive Android 2.2 in Q2 of 2011.¬† There is nothing listed about the US version.

The roadmap does indicate that the Motorola Cliq XT is still set for Android 2.1 in Q4 of this year (presumably the next 5 weeks) and that the Droid X is still receiving a 2.2 update as we speak.

At the recent CTIA conference Motorola released 7 devices, mostly with version 2.1 on them, hopefully the next upgrade roadmap will reveal when those new phones will upgrade, if they will at all.

To see the most up to date roadmap click the source link below.

Source: Motorola Road Map

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