Mario & Andretti; Googles Internal Chrome OS netbooks racing to a 2010 release.


Despite a story that ran all over the net, including here, that said Chrome OS wouldn’t dealer this, year, our friends at Tech Crunch are reporting that Chrome OS netbooks will be launched this year.

Although Chrome OS won’t reach netbooks provided by their launch OEM partners, they are producing two internal Google branded netbooks. These two devices, branded “Google” are expecting a release within the next few weeks.

Perhaps its the speed provided by the  minimalistic, cloud based Chrome, but Google is reportingly named “Mario” and “Andretti”.

Google has been internally testing the Chrome OS for the last six months. They’ve been using machines by E-Machines, Lenovo, Dell and Asus for these tests. This is all according to bug reports under “computer type”.

The names Mario and Andretti were derived from MG Siegler of Tech Crunch’s analysis of the bug reports.  Siegler also noticed several references to “dogfooding” which is a commonly used term when companies are testing their own products.  Within these references to “dog food” Siegler uncovered the names Mario and Andretti.

One of three key elements to Chrome is it’s speed. Most computer manufacturers are trying to perfect the instant start up. Even that minute and a half waiting for the boot, is too much time to wait.  Chrome, with its lightweight infrastructure and utilization of the cloud, is supposed to be suoer fast.  Perhaps thats why they are using the name of the infamous Indy racer.

More at: Tech Crunch

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