Looxcie The Absolute Coolest Must Have Android Accessory!

Chalk this up to, the iPhhone can’t do this… Yet!

The must have gadget accessory for your Android phone, 2.x or better, that has to go as one of your Chanukah gifts or in your Christmas stocking is the Looxcie (pronounced look-see).  Cool name but what is it?

The Looxcie is a bluetooth boom camera that shoots in good quality VGA video, no its not HD but it’s REAL FUN. You wear the Looxcie on your head as shown in the picture and basically whatever you’re looking at is what’s in the video. But even better it’s all controlled by a simple free downloadable app in the Android market called Looxcie.

After you charge this beast of a bluetooth, simply pair it with your phone and you’re recording.  The Looxcie is always on which is indicated by a red light below the camera lens. You can use the app to go back in the recording and edit down 30 second clips which are saved in a separate area.

The Looxcie records up to 5 hours (3-4 hours if you have a bunch of clips) when it gets back to the beginning it automatically starts over, it’s like having a virtual instant replay button for your life.

You never have to worry about missing something while pulling out your camera, its already on.  We’ve had a lot of fun with this already.  Think of how great this will be at family events and holiday dinners.  Problems with customer service, chances are you’ve got it on tape for the instant replay!

Not only is the Looxcie a camera but it’s also a typical bluetooth as well, so you can answer your calls while filming video.

Here are some of the features of Looxcie:

– Adjustable boom for comfort and view refinement
– Lightweight: less than 1oz
– Always on battery life up to 4 hours
– Clips are time stamped and stored as MP4 files
– Bluetooth class 2 (2.5 Mw) for up to 10 meters

and more!

So far we’ve used the Looxcie with the Samsung Fascinate, Samsung Captivate, Galaxy Tab, Optimus and Nexus there have been n0 issues with any of these devices.

Call me crazy but this is the absolute best accessory yet for any Android device. And the best part, Looxcie went to Android first!

Take a look at this video we shot with the Looxcie on Sunday

Looxcie is available now at the link below! Trust me on this it will be the best $199 ever spent!

Get the Looxcie today for $199 Right Here!

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