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Just In Time For Holiday Travel: Flight View Elite

If you travel as much as I do than Flightview is already part of your arsenal of Android Applications. This very easy to use application lets you pick your flights of the day, or if you travel on the same flight a lot save them. From there it gives you up to the minute flight status, gate announcements, and information you need right away.

Flightview is a real time saver. As you know (or may not know) the second the plane lands and begins its taxi to the gate, you are allowed to use your cell phone, PDA, Bager and other approved electronic device (we know no one uses a PDA or pager but they say it on the plane). Once we’ve landed and begin the taxi there is 15 minutes from landing to the time we start walking through the jetway. That’s when I check flightview especially if it’s a connection flight. Flightview will tell me if we landed on time and what gate I’m at. Then it will tell me what gate my connection is at and if that flight is on time.  This way I know if I have to run across the airport or can take a nice easy stroll.

The new version of Flightview called Flightview elite makes looking at your flight easier with flightboards. It also offers directions to the airport and weather. The directions piece is important if you’re traveling to strange cities and need to take cabs (not shuttles) make sure your cabbie isn’t trying to earn a couple extra bucks by taking you on a scenic tour.  Flightboards makes it easy to check on you and your team if they are traveling to the same airport on different flights.

The original Flight View has had 144,000+ downloads in the Android market.  On the release of this new Flight View Elite, CEO of Flightview, Mike Benjamin said “The holiday travel season is always hectic,” said Mike Benjamin, CEO of FlightView. “Whether you’re flying for work or leisure – or picking up friends from the airport, having actionable travel information in the palm of your hand can make it much easier. Our new Android app – FlightView Elite – provides instant access to important flight information – when and where you need it.”

Flightview Elite is $3.99 and if you believe time is money it’s worth every penny if not more.

Source: Flightview

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