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IDC: Android Will Overtake Symbian in Europe Next Year

The news of Android’s growth comes as no shock. In fact we’ve run several pieces as of late about how Nokia is in a downward spiral.  Nokia, one of Finland’s largest companies, has also pretty much held the title the World’s Largest OS for a number of years.

Android accounted for 23% of the smartphone shipments in Western Europe in the third quarter.  With Android growing the way it is, Nokia won’t have that title for long.

According to IDC Analyst Francisco Jeronimo, “The iPhone was last year’s hot device and now people are looking for something different,” said Jeronimo, who is based in London. The Galaxy S is seen as offering similar feel, function, and third-party applications to an iPhone for a lower price, he said in an interview with Jeronimo added that Android is set to beat both iPhone and Symbian in the region by next year and is already second to Symbian worldwide.

Nine month sales of Android device in the region were led by HTC, then Sony Ericcson and Samsung. Samsung didn’t launch their Galaxy S devices until the second half of the year but they’ve caught on like wild fire.

According to IDC, Windows Phone 7 is seeing 1/15th of the uptick that Android has seen. Also Nokia’s new N8 handset is outselling Windows Phone 7 devices in Europe by a margin of 3-1 and still getting beat out by Android devices. Jeronimo said “The windows phone 7 handsets — as nice as they are — are by and large generic phones from well known manufacturers, and in most cases an almost identical model is available from the same manufacturer with Android,  and given the choice people seem to be picking Android.”

source: Bloomberg

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