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HTC Knight Seems to be The HTC Desire Z for Sprint

Jonathan Geller, the Boy Genius himself is reporting today that he has reliable information that the highly anticipated HTC Knight is the HTC Desire Z for Sprint.

BGR is reporting that the HTC Knight will sport a 3.7inch scree, sliding qwerty keyboard and a WiMax radio for the 4G branding/speeds on the Sprint network. BGR’s source says it will carry a 1GHz processor and could possibly be dual-core. They are also saying it will feature an 8 mega-pixel camera.

Both the processor rumor and the rumored 8mp camera mean that this device carried by Sprint wouldn’t be the HTC Desire Z/G2. The Desire Z/G2 carries a 5mp camera and an 800MHz Qualcomm Scorpion processor, which despite being 800MHz, benchmarks better than 1GHz.

Throw into the mix the “trademark” stories about the “HTC Shift Evo 4G” and there’s no telling what we are really looking at. If it is in fact the “HTC Shift Evo 4G” then the smaller screen size doesn’t fit in. The BGR article is also citing that this doesn’t look like a franchise phone for Sprint and HTC EVO 4G definitely was.

You see how confusing rumor posting can be. Here’s what we know for sure, there is a new HTC device coming to Sprint. The device will have 4G capabilities and a slide out keyboard. It will have a processor at least as fast as 800mhz and a camera that’s at least 5mp. There ya have it.

sources: BGR and TFTS

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