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Holiday Shopping Guide

Okay,  so Halloween is over and we are doing our plano change for the holidays like every other place in the world and it’s time to start thinking about the Holidays.

So here are some great places to get that Android Geek stuff for Christmas.

Apparel:Being an Android Evangelist, Supporter, Geek, Part of the family is not possible without some cool apparel and cool goodies with Andy on them.

Our first choice for apparel has got to be the infamous home to everything Android that you can wear from Android thongs to Android Beanies and everything in between. The Android Swag team is notorious for prompt shipping and customer service that’s second to none and it’s no wonder as both Aaron (@adroidian) and Jake (@droiddev) are very active members of the Android Family, and co-organizers of the Big Android Barbecue. You can hit them up for anything from size questions to swag ideas. Literally if they can brand it Android it’s there. They have their own custom designed t-shirts, lighters, playing cards, soap, and a bunch of other great stuff coming up for the holidays. They are also the only place to get the infamous Android Beanie. They accept both Google Checkout and Paypal,  so check them out at

Our Second Choice for Apparel:Nerdy Shirts
Nerdy Shirts is just that, step out of the Android box for a second and you will see every t-shirt design your nerdy heart desires. Some of our favorites include slogans like “I See Dead Pixels” and the upside down boobies calculator.  Nerdy shirts also has posters and hoodies as well.

Nerdyshirts offers all of their designs in a variety of sizes and currently offers 5 uber cool hoodies. They take paypal and can be found online at or find them on Twitter at @nerdyshirts

Apparel: The Google Store
The Google Store is for officially branded Google and Android merchandise. As most people know the Andy logo is licensed under creative commons meaning that you can do just about anything with it however the Google logo and the Android, spelled out logo are protected to the hilt by Google trademarks and they are quick to enforce, so if you’re looking for an original white on blue Google T-shirt or some of the “official” android stuff and you don’t find it at check the google store at this link HERE. Please read your order carefully, some of their shirts and hats are priced right but their shipping is kind of high. If you’re looking for an Android polo shirt, the Google Store has a nice one with Android on the back of the neck however if Androidswag puts them back up they use a very nice weight polo. Here is a link to the Google Store

Android Accessories

Did someone on your list get a new android phone and you don’t want to wait until that ebay auction ends to get quality accesories than Cheapdroids is the place for you. Cheapdroids carriers their own line of Zooly accessories along with a whole slew of batteries, holders, cases, window/dash mounts, cables, etc for just about every Android device known to man.

After combing the internet Cheapdoids delivers what their site name suggests very inexpensive accessories. Get to them HERE

The Uber Coolest Stuff on Planet Earth

Ok if you’re a geek you know this one already and it doesn’t need a long intro Thinkgeek does chargers but not the way you’d suspect they offer Solar Backpack Chargers, Wristband Chargers, Regular Solar Chargers, Bluetooth everything, and accessories that only the true geek can appreciate. They are the buckyball headquarters. They also have neato torpedo stuff like a Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter and a T-shirt with a guitar practice amp built in.

Check out Thinkgeek here

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