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Google’s Chrome OS Delayed, Analysts Blame Android

If everything was going according to plan we would start seeing Chrome OS on netbooks and laptops as early, as well next week. However Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt has said that the release of Google’s Chrome OS has been delayed and has not given any kind of time frame as to how long.  A Google spokesperson said that the company would release more information later in the year (um that’s 6 weeks away)

Google’s Chrome OS was put out as Open Source to developers last year at this time.  Partners ASUS, Acer, Lenovo, Toshiba, HP and Dell were all expected to release netbooks and laptops either in Q4 2010 or Q1 2011 running Google’s Chrome OS, however all of those plans have been put on hold.

Google’s Chrome OS was seen as a viable alternative to Windows and Mac with a focus on Chrome Browser based Apps and cloud based technologies.

Top mobile analyst firm Gartner has said “Combine that with Android’s surge in the smartphone market, which has spilled over into the tablet sector with the Samsung Galaxy Tab, and a rethinking of Chrome OS might be inevitable”

IMS research has said they expect the Samsung Galaxy Tab to account for 15% of the tablet market by the end of the year.  More and more people are switching to full functioning tablets instead of netbooks and laptops for their mobile needs.  Nobody knows if Google expected the results they are getting from Android however the success of Android in the mobile space definitely has Mountain View reevaluating plans for a desktop/laptop OS.

IDC Analyst, Al Hilwa, said “Something happened on the way to birth Chrome OS, and it’s called Android”.

Android or Chrome what do you think?

Source: Eweek

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