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Google Reaches Settlement in Buzz Suit

Does anyone else find it ironic that Google uses Gmail to reach it’s customers for the first time, in well,a very long time, to tell us that it has settled a lawsuit involving privacy?

Mountainview, CA

Google has released an email to all customers using the “Google Buzz” microblogging service to send out details of a settlement involving Google Buzz and privacy matters.  Google Buzz, the microblogging arm of Gmail went live earlier this year. Almost simultaneously a group/class formed to sue google for infringements on their privacy that were not currently outlined in the Google Buzz privacy policies.

The settlement admits that Google worked quickly to solve this problem for it’s Google Buzz users. It also details a fund of $8.5 Million that Google will set aside to support organizations promoting privacy education and policy on the web. Google has also agreed to be more vigilant in educating customers about their privacy and rights within the Gmail/Google Buzz/Google Apps ecosystem.

It’s very important to note this is not the kind of class action settlement where everyone who uses Gmail is entitled to some kind of monetary compensation. In fact Gmail users don’t have to do anything.  The settlement is the $8.5 Million dollars in privacy education funding to Google.

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