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Gingerbread Rumors Heating Up, Monday looks The Best?

The interwebs has been all a buzz over some Gingerbread. We’re not talking about Gingerbread donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts, or Gingerbread Lattes from Starbucks. Nope, we’re talking about the next version of Android (2.3). This highly anticipated roll out from Google is expected any second now.

Fresh baked Gingerbread cookies, Androided out, were served on Friday in the cafes at the Googleplex. Today, Android Central is reminding us (via one of their writers) that Eric Schmidt is speaking at an afternoon session at the Web 2.0 summit tomorrow in San Francisco.

Could this be the Gingerbread announcement? We’re throwing out our plans for today and working on travel…

Source: AndroidCentral

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