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Samsung Galaxy S throws Apple out of top spot in Japan

Where’s Kacey Casem or Ryan Seacrest when you need them? A report coming from a Korean newspaper and a Japanese market research company reports that the Samsung Galaxy S trumped the Iphone 4 out of the top sales spot in Japan for the last week of October.

Apparently in Japan they track cell phone sales on a weekly basis, similar here to American Top 40 (hence the reference to Casem and Seacrest above)

For the past few weeks the Apple Iphone 4 16gb model and the 32gb model have sat side by side on BCN’s top sales list. BCN is a Japanese market research firm. In the last week of October, when the Samsung Galaxy S debuted in Japan, it knocked Apple’s 32gb Iphone 4 out of the top.

What’s noteable is that neither Motorola nor HTC have made as big a splash as Samsung. Samsung Telecommunications, and here Samsung Mobile USA has really ramped up their R&D, production, equipment and obviously marketing.

source: The Chosunilbo (English Edition)

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