Fuze Meeting Turns Samsung Galaxy Tab Into Virtual Conference Room

At Pepcom in New York City yesterday we took a demo of the new Fuze Meeting for Android tablets.  The Fuze booth had a Macbook, iPad and Galaxy Tab set up and showed a virtual conference setting with a girl back at their office in California.  The California participant was using a logitech USB camera.  The video feed from the Pepcom show floor featured a Macbook internal camera and the front facing camera for the Galaxy Tab.

Although we love the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the front facing camera only shows video in “fair” condition.

Fuze Meeting for Android is actually made with all tablets in mind, however, at the moment the Galaxy Tab is the only true Android tablet with the camera and operating system to offer true video conferencing.

The Fuze Meeting attendee app for Android allows users who install it to their tablet to, have VOIP meetings, Content and Desktop viewing, and the ability to share content via the Android App.

In speaking on the Fuze Meeting app for Android Fuze Box CEO Jeff Carvins said ““We live and work in a mobile economy and our productivity should not be limited to the four walls of a conference room,”

Although there are video chatting apps like “Fring” “Qik” and Yahoo Messenger with video, the Fuze Box product is laser lined focused on the business user. Fuze Box is hopeful Android users will be able to hold video conferences via the Galaxy Tab in the early part of 2011.

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