Fox Dumps Google TV That Leaves us With, What the CW?

Top TV Blog site GTV is reporting that Fox has joined CBS, ABC and NBC in blocking internet content from Google TV devices. You may remember in October 2010 we attended the exciting launch of Google TV, in the video demonstration we have at the bottom of this piece, they show how seamlessly it is to have the benefits of broadcast/cable TV and the internet on one machine, in the living room.

We are wondering now if they purposely used the Food Network in the demonstration, knowing that they may get this push back from the major broadcast companies. Please don’t misunderstand this,  you can still get CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX live programming and even DVR the same content, however you will not be able to access these network’s website content.

A key feature in Google TV was the ability to search for a show title and see a variety of options, the next live program, anything saved locally by the user, Facebook and Twitter pages, show websites and, the best part, back episodes via network websites. That last part is virtually unusable now, unless you need to catch up on Life Unexpected and One Tree Hill on the CW.

Source: GTV

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