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Foursquare Jumps on The TSA Bandwagon

In the midst of all these horrid TSA stories about breast cancer pat downs, making men urinate on themselves, and feeling up toddlers, Foursquare has jumped on the TSA bandwagon with their new “Baggage Handler” badge. Try saying that ten times real fast.

As you’re well aware we are mere hours away from the most traveled day in America, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Part of the beauty of Foursquare is their sense of humor, and it shows with this badge.  The baggage handler badge is available starting today.

To get the badge all you have to do is check in and say “TSA” “Grope” or “Don’t touch my junk bro” and you’ll get the badge along with this epic holiday greeting from foursquare

“Looks like you’ve had your baggage handled. Happy Holidays and have a safe flight!”


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