EXCLUSIVE: Shop Savvy Reports Preliminary Results: Black Friday HUGE!

ShopSavvy, the barcode scanning shopping assistant, was released first to Android in 2008. It handled the data for the top 6 Black Friday apps used to scope out the best deals in town yesterday.  Top economic news sites have reported that this year would be a better year at retail then previous years. I don’t think that the economy has made a turn around but cost conscious consumers are back in the holiday spirit.

Armed with the latest in smartphone technologies, Black Friday apps were an integral part of this years Black Friday shopping.  The 6 most downloaded, and popular Black Friday apps shared one thing in common: ShopSavvy. Between their signature app and all of the apps using their data center, ShopSavvy expected more than 60 Million scans yesterday.  The other 6 apps are: Sam’s Club App, Consumer Reports Mobile Shopper, Price Grabber, Fast Mall, and CNet Shop & Scan.

Shop Savvy Stats show increases in users and scans courtesy: ShopSavvy Inc

In fact, ShopSavvy co-founder, Alex Muse, didn’t get to enjoy any football yesterday, he and his team had to keep watch over the ShopSavvy NOC all day long to keep their retail partners afloat.  He went on to tell TheDroidGuy.com that they estimate they did 30 times more scans yesterday than they do in an entire month on average.

In anticipation of Black Friday, ShopSavvy doubled their servers that deliver pricing information to their users. “Several of our retail partners saw their data feeds go down, they couldn’t keep up with our price requests” Muse told TheDroidGuy.com

ShopSavvy’s user base has doubled each year since 2008 when Muse and partner Rylan Barnes first released the app for Android, practically at the launch for the G1.  The scans however have tripled in the same period (see graphic). ShopSavvy has also seen the number of stores a user visits increase as well as the time they are in the store and the number of items they are scanning.

The top stores visited by ShopSavvy users are: Walmart, Best Buy, Costco, Sam’s Club and Target. This is no surprise as not only are these very popular retail outlets but they are also known for their discounted pricing especially the warehouse stores. The average user (the week prior to thanksgiving) visited 4 stores and scanned 8 items per store.

Shop Savvy NOC manned on Black Friday kept retail partners afloat

The Top Items scanned per category are:

Electronics: Canon Powershot 7.1 megapixels digital ELPH camera
Movie: Avatar
Toy: Leapfrog Leapster Explorer Learning Experience
Video Game: Call of Duty, Black Ops

While we are still waiting on the exact numbers, Muse told TheDroidGuy.com, “It was insane”.

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Source: TheDroidGuy.com & ShopSavvy

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