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Dell Streak Update to Android 2.2 and More

We’ve heard a lot about different color versions of the Dell Streak and it’s availability in Best Buy. We also know that the new Dell Streaks are reportedly coming out of the box with Android 2.2 “Froyo”. We also learned from Phandroid back in the early part of  November  that an OTA (Over the air) update was coming to existing Dell Streak Owners without an exact date in mind. Today is that date and we downloaded the OTA just now.

So far here’s what we’ve seen in the official update:
– A new “Dell Stage” home screen that sorts your 7 home screens into easy access. As with most custom UI’s you can take the Dell widgets off and load up your own apps

– The new “Dell Stage” functions the same in portrait and lanscape. The original Dell Streak was default to landscape except in the phone screen

– Swype added to the Dell Streak. On the downside, the Dell Streak’s original custom keyboard actually had a number pad on the right hand side that we liked which is absent on Swype and the Android keyboard. So far we can’t find the original Dell Streak Keyboard

– Android 2.2 and all it’s froyo goodness

– The AT&T network indicator now says “H” for HSPA + instead of topping out at 3G this may be cosmetic and we’ll test the speeds later

We’ll have more on this awesome update later meanwhile here’s the vid

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