Cellular South’s Discover App Tool Helps Customers Navigate Android Market

This Black Friday Cellular South, the largest independently owned wireless carrier in the country, had out of this world deals on the latest Android phones along with the best value in unlimited data plans and pricing.  In addition, when you become a Cellular South customer the experience doesn’t stop at purchase.

Cellular South has made it’s Discover Apps tool available to all of their Android smartphone line up. This tool allows users to explore the Android Market in a much organized fashion than the hodge podge of apps we know and love.  With over 100,000 apps available in the market it can be a bit overwhelming for a new customer.

Although Black Friday is over, Cellular South will continue to bring great values this holidays season. Their Android device line up includes their own Samsung Galaxy S variant a long with the HTC Desire and the HTC Hero.  Jim Richmond, Director of Corporate Communications for Cellular South said “…our Android offering doesn’t stop with just the device. With access to more than 100,000 apps on Android Market, it is our mission to help our customers find the right apps for them. That’s why we’ve created Discover Apps, designed to help customers find the best apps for their individual interests.”

Earlier this month Cellular South also announced that they would partner with Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung Mobile), to roll out an LTE network in 2011. The network is expected to complete in the coming year and their will be a minimum of 2 Samsung devices at rollout

Source: Cellular South

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