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Breaking: Official Rovio Tweet: Angry Birds Christmas to Android


If you’ve been following the world famous @roviomobile on twitter you may already know but a tweet earlier today revealed that the highly anticipated “Angry Birds Christmas” will come to Android.

Around 12noon Eastern time @juranandi asked @roviomobile via twitter:

@roviomobile: and what about Christmas version for Androis? Seperate app?

To which Rovio responded that they would be pleasantly surprised.  So based on that information it’s safe to say that Angry Birds Christmas will arrive on the Android platform although its unknown if it will come as a separate version or an app update. It’s also unknown which devices and versions of the OS will receive thr Christmas version. 

Rovio responded to harsh criticizm that the Angry Birds original Android app was not compatible with all versions of Android. Rovio responded by blaming Android’s fragmentation and announcing the release of Angry Birds light.

Source: Rovio Twitter

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