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It wasnt that long ago but do you remember the commercial below? Kids fight with mom in texting language? Well now that 85% of those 13-34 are texting on a regular basis carriers like AT&T would love for their parents to join in the fun.  Currently 42% of Americans 50 and older text more than once per month, and you would be surprised at who you see texting.

How crazy is this texting phenomenan, Washington DC Based CTIA says that there were over 170 billion billion text messages sent in the US alone in June of this year, that’s up from 7.2 billion in 2005. David Inns, the CEO of Great Call Inc, makers of the Jitterbug phone, told he expects that 80% of those 55 and older will start texting within the next three years.

Manufacturers are already catering this boom. Both Samsung and Pantech offer phones with oversized buttons for under $50. The carriers are kicking in by offering classes for those over 50 to learn how to text.

Source: Bloomberg

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