Apple Approves Anti-Gay App


The headline says it all.¬† Cupertino, California, and often left leaning, Apple has approved an app called Manhattan Declaration. Manhattan Declaration is an app that is a self proclaimed “Call of Conscience”.

The app gets users to sign a 4700 word “Declaration” penned by Christian Clergy, scholars and others. According to the apps creator the app “speaks in defense of the sanctity of life, traditional marriage, and religious liberty” and allows users to add their signatures to the declaration.

The Apple app market is usually scrutinized overv its vetting process often taking weeks for developers to get their apps through. Apple was also quick to ban apps that poked fun at both President Bush and President Obama.

Is this a freedom of speech thing?

Comments appreciated.

Source: Huffington Post

9 Replies to “Apple Approves Anti-Gay App”

  1. So, Apple “ought to” know better than to promote an app with such an egregious motive. It would be one thing on an open app market like ours, but on such a carefully screened and selective market as they have, it’s EXTREMELY questionable.

  2. Do you have the freedom to speak your mind to your boss, even if it means telling him he’s a POS? Yes, you do. He also has the freedom to fire your a$$ for that very same comment. Why do so many people have such a difficult time understanding what “freedom of speech” means? It’s a concept of government, not of anything else.

  3. You’re thinking of the First Amendment. Freedom of speech is a moral idea, not a law, so it’s more an “ought to” rather than a “sue them.”

  4. Freedom of speech isn’t something Apple is familiar with, I guess. While I agree, to not allow this application on the market would be wrong, I can’t help but wonder where to draw the line? If this application is allowed, why wouldn’t an app poking fun at a president or former president be allowed? It seems that Apple practices a form of selective freedom of speech!

    What a joke! Thanks for reaffirming my decision to take my business elsewhere! I’ll certainly never support a dictatorship like Apple!

  5. Not letting the app on the market would be against freedom of speech. There is nothing wrong with a declaration of beliefs, great and powerful nations are formed and sustained on them. Once people start thinking it is wrong to have an app on any market, that is either for or against anything that anyone can have open beliefs and opions about, I would say thats when freedom of speech is being attacked.

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