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Angry Birds Christmas to Debut December 11?

Here’s the good news, Rovio, the maker of the global sensation “Angry Birds” is definitely working on a Christmas edition. is reporting that this special edition Angry Birds will be available December 11 based on previous information leaked by Rovio.

How sure are we that it’s coming, well foreign website has the screenshot below from the game.  If you want to read more from that site you’ll need to open it up in Chrome and use the translate feature.

Now here’s the bad news, while it’s highly speculated that the Christmas edition will come to iPad and iPhone there is no information available on an Android version.  Rovio made a lot of Android noise last week as it blamed “fragmentation” on why Angry Birds wasn’t widespread released on Android.

It’s a toss up as to whether we will actually see it or not but here’s to hoping!

Do you want Angry Birds Christmas edition or are do you just not care?

Source: Pocket-Lint
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