Androidswag Launches New Site and Products for Holidays

Android Swag co-founders Aaron Kasten and Jake Southers have been hard at work since the Big Android Barbecue. If you haven’t noticed they’ve started some other ventures including and other things in the works while still pushing to be the biggest and baddest place to get, well, Android Swag.

As an Android Swag household the two of us are always wearing Android Swag and undoubtedly anywhere we go we are asked “where did you get your shirt” “where did you get your hat” “where did you get your Watch” “Where did you get your Beanie” that’s easy  Kasten always makes it a point to say Swag not Schwag. SWAG commonly means Stuff We’ve All Got and with an easy domain it’s easy to tell people in person or online go to In fact Allie has a fist-full of Androidswag cards with her at all times.

So we’ve been waiting to hear what the Black Friday doorbusters are at  Kasten confirmed to us that there are definitely deals happening and even more new swag.

For now the Android Swag team has left clues on Twitter and Facbeook about new cases of figurines and a new Android Squishable (linked below) Right now you have to buy the entire batch of figurines for $116 which is a huge savings if you were to source them individually from other sites. Keep them all for yourself, decorate your desk or video set, or split them up for stocking stuffers. Whatever you decide to do with them, Get them before they are sold out.

When they are actually at Android Swag headquarters Jake and Aaron do a heck of a job shipping almost immediately. On a recent trip to Dallas Texas I personally got to see their Swag Warehouse, Shipping Department and Creative department and for two guys in Dallas it’s one heck of an operation. Let’s not forget their jack of all trades guy Matt Abdou (Matt Gyver) either.

Speaking of Matt Gyver, it was with his hardwork and direction that they’ve unveiled Swag 2.0 which is the newest version of their website. Now hosted by TD Revolution they don’t expect to have anymore server downtime ever. After all we all know the TD team is awake 24-7

Make sure to check first thing Friday morning (or late Thursday night) also we hear Aaron will be on the Radio Android Android Show tomorrow to drop some more hints about the 2010 Holiday Season.  Jewish like me and Kasten, go ahead and order 8 items right now.

Here are some quick links to very popular and new items:

New Case of Android Figurines
New Squishable Android

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