Android’s negative effect on Symbian

With the recent onslaught of stories regarding Android’s positive impact on both carrier and manufacturer growth, there is one aspect of the wireless industry that has suffered do to the implosion of Android. That wireless industry initiative is the Symbian foundation.

The Symbian Foundation is a non profit organization that organizes and evangelises the Symbian Operating System. The foundation, founded in 2008 in the UK handles the most key aspects of the Symbian OS including building and distributing Symbian source code.

The Symbian OS largest manufacturing partner is Nokia. Around the world Symbian is the largest OS however it has really felt the impact of Android. Back in February of 2010 the Symbian foundation made Symbian^3 source code available via the Eclipse Public License and the Open Source License. This was reportedly the largest transition from “closed source” to “open” and a direct result of the Open-Source Android Operating System.

Today, on the heels of the departure of the Symbian Foundations CEO, Lee Williams, it was announced that the foundation would disban and 100 fulltime employees laid off by April 2011.

Nokia will oversee the Symbian platform for the time being and says they hope to release 50 million Symbian devices this year.

Other Symbian manufacturers such as Motorola, Samsung and Sony Ericcson have all abandoned Symbian and began utilizing Android as their smartphone platform of choice.

source: venturebeat

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