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All 30 Pin Connectors are not created equal


While we were being briefed on the Samsung Galaxy Tab in Berlin last August, the first thing that caught my eye was the 30 pin connector.

We know for technical reasons the 30 pin is a good choice. It’s better fot data transfer, and charging a larger battery. The 30 pin connector also provides more connectivity for better docks and accessories like keyboards.

Originally the 30 pin connector was no big deal. We’ve actually tested other Android MIDs that required 30 pin connectors. After market “ipod” chargers and usb cables worked with most of  these devices and in our office and at home there was always availibility… That was until now…

Both the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Dell Streak use proprietary 30 pin cords.  Samsung has inverted the 30pins so its opposite of the ipad connections.  The Dell Streak has some of the pins inverted from traditional connectors.

We found this out the hard way when we lost two Galaxy Tab cords.

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