10 Questions With Stefan From Laptop Memo, Teenage Bloggerpreneur

While attending the 2010 IFA convention with Samsung Mobile USA, we were talking about young tech bloggers. I shared our story about teen writer Elijah, who does our “App of The Week” segment, and Kim Titus, of Samsung Mobile, told us about a 13 year old blogger who ran Laptop Memo.  We had the privilege of meeting Stefan on Monday at the Samsung Continuum launch and then again at the CES Unveiled event. This very polite young man writes very well for his age, and is all about technology.  Homeschooled and in the 10th grade, Stefan devotes a lot of his time to developing his own blog and brand in Laptop Memo.  Here’s a quick 10 questions with Stefan.

1. So Stefan tell us about yourself, of course start with how old you are:

Well! Describe myself? That’s easy and hard at the same time. To start off, I’m a descendant of Alexandre Dumas, that “dude” in the 19th century that wrote the Three Musketeers and Count of Monte Cristo. Yeah, that guy. Otherwise, I’m 14-year-old, live in Miami, and enjoy reading, the arts, tech, writing, gaming, and TopGear.

2. So you were 13 when you started Laptop Memo, what made you decide on the name laptop memo?
Well, to tell you the truth, me and Mom (yes, Mom) were flipping through a list of names I thought might be suitable for use. LaptopResult was going to be the name of the site, but then a mere second before buying the domain name, I opted out, and she came up with LaptopMemo. Of course now I recognize that LaptopMemo too closely resembles LAPTOP MAG, therefore I have other domain registered. And it’s a secret. Let’s just say that the name of the site follows me on Twitter.

3. Are you running into any hurdles being only 14 now and a tech journalist?

I do have some hurdles. Sprint and Verizon won’t loan me new shin gadgets because “you’re under-age” and “the lawyers set the rules” (on quote). Of course, traffic comes into play too, but I am getting more and more contacts under my wing to review some of the newest toys, starting even before release. Another reason why i don’t write many exclusives is that I think the ninjas are scared of me (i.e being 14 and all), but that’s not a reason not to try, is it?

4. What’s Stefan’s favorite part of technology?

Mobile. It’s all about mobile for me. The newest smartphone running WP7, iOS, or Android (forget Symbian) is always of interest to me. Checking out the newest docs from the FCC is a favorite pastime of mine, and I get to see the outlines of approved products, which is pretty cool, especially when I see it at the same time I have the device in my hand.

5. Tell us what a 14 year old Tech Journalist uses:

Still deciding what phone I should get. In fact, by reviewing all of the latest smartphones, I’m in fact figuring out which one I shoudl spring for myself. I’m currently leaning towards the Nexus S, or the iPhone 4.- Tablet:
Digital Camera:
I use a Pentax K-x

Desktops are for tech support and oldies.
Alienware M11x R2.

Steam on PC. I own DiRT 2, Bad Company 2, Team Fortress 2, just to name a few.
Preferred operating system

6. What’s the coolest piece of technology you have seen in 2010 :

.The coolest bit of tech I’ve seen this year is either the surge of 1GHz Android phones (starting with the N1) and the iPad.

7. Tell us about school, what grade are you in, what do you plan on doing after high school?  Do you have any other extra-curriculars (ie are you a musician or an athlete)
I’m home-schooled, in 10th grade. Because of my young age, two schools (some of the best in Florida) refused me admission. Although they’re setting up something for me next year. Or I might just pick someplace else.

8. We briefly met your father at the Samsung event does he enjoy technology as much as you? Are you the go-to guy in your family for all things technical?

My Dad does enjoy seeing new technology get released, but he’s not as experienced in using it as me. Still, he prefers the simpler UI of iOS than the soups of custom UIs for Android. Yes, I’m the king of tech in the entire family.

9. What product(s) are you looking forward to at CES and in 2011
I can’t really predict what I want to see in 2011 or CES, except maybe so-called 4G being rolled out cross-country, a Verizon iPhone, and some stabilization when it comes to the different versions of Android. And of course me actually making cool exclusives.

10. Bonus questions:  What’s your high score on Angry Birds?

Darn. I don’t remember. I did make it to the 1st section, 2nd part of the “story” though. It might have been somewhere between 60k and 72k.

Visit Stefan’s site at and follow him on twitter @laptopmemo

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