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ZTE debuts ZTE Light Tablet in Beijing

Popular Chinese cell phone and smartphone manufacturer, ZTE, announced in Beijing today their new 7 inch Android tablet called the “ZTE Light”. They are hoping to cut into the same slice of the pie Samsung is feeding from with the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Preliminary reports on this new tablet didn’t say anything about the display except “Touch Screen”. It weighs in at 403 grams, and will feature voice calling on UMTS 2100/900.

None of the other specs looked game-changing. The device features a 3 megapixel camera, expandable SD slot up to 32gb, 3.5mm headset jack and they are boasting a 10 hour battery life.

It will ship with Android 2.1 and although they don’t say if it will have the whole suite of “Google Services” it does say it will have some. The device will also support most facets of mobile multi-media, multiple email accounts, GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth.

ZTE hopes to ship the “ZTE Light” in Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific markets by the end of the year and plans on selling similar devices in the United States after the launch of the ZTE Light. ZTE said earlier this year they hope to be the biggest mobile phone provider in the United States within five years, which is a huge goal considering their minor stake in the current US mobile space.

source: Informationweek

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