What is Bloomworlds, an interview with Bloomworlds co-founder Todd Levy

Thedroidguy had a chance to meet Todd R. Levy of Bloomworlds at the Big Android Barbecue. You may think that Bloomworlds has something to do with gardening but that’s not the
case is it Todd?

Tell us what is Bloomworlds?
BloomWorlds, a Founder Institute company, offers family friendly applications to the Android community. Myself and Darrell Brogdon are co-founders. Started in Denver, CO, we are setting up a satellite office in Las Vegas, NV.

So Todd, do you think that by catering to a niche market you are adding to what is being called appmarket fragmentation?
Yes. Of course 3rd party app stores will add to what is being called “fragmentation” of the Androidplatform. Somehow this has gained a bad rap.
But, think of it like shopping for food. If you need to get groceries, you’ll head to the market, maybe a
Super Wal-Mart to save some cash. If you’re in a hurry, perhaps you’ll stop at a 7-11 for convenience and
pay a premium. If you are feeding a large family or hosting a party a club store like Costco is your choice.
But, if you are looking organics-natural groceries you would need to head to the Whole Foods, or the local
farmers market.

Enter BloomWorlds. Like Whole Foods, Bloomworlds is a specific, niche focused store. While you may not
find organic vegetables here, the analogy works

So is Bloomworlds just about Android or do you plan on expanding to Iphone or Blackberry?

Yes, we’re all about Android. iPhone has the App Store. Blackberry is business focused. Palm’s Web OS
and Windows 7 phones, are a “wait and see” for us. Android is our home; an open, growing platform that
needs a family friendly option.

Do you have partnerships in place with developers already?

Yes. We have talked to numerous developers about submitting their apps to our store. This includes
independent developers with a single app, development studios with dozens of apps, large corporations
with mainstream branded “family friendly” content, and aspiring developers with amazing ideas but no
code. Some of the partnerships terms include exclusive deals to BloomWorlds’ users.

The majority of developers have expressed interest in working with us upon launch. We are open for more
partnerships during pre-launch and hope to hire in-house help to work from our Vegas office opening next

Can you describe the criteria to become a “Bloomworlds” app?
BloomWorlds will have a very developer friendly submission process, which aims to take the pain away
from what we have experienced from applying to other app stores. Anyone is able to submit an app. We
are open for partnerships with developers in order to streamline the process. Essentially, we have a
review process for approval including the following elements: malicious security scans, IP infringment
rights, permissions control checks, parental review, age appropriateness, etc. We’ve developed an air-
tight process to keep out crap and test the apps for quality.

So are we talking Nickelodeon or ABC Family?

Sure! We would love to make those partnerships and hope that we offer a space that adds value to those
brands and others. If you check out the Android Market now there may be 5-6 “Spongebob” apps, none of
them licensed. Those won’t be allowed on our market. We do not support IP infringement and our App
Store will support that stance.

BloomWorlds’ long term vision is to offer Android applications to people in all life stages. This includes
small children and their parents, tweens, high schoolers, college grads, and senior citizens. We will cut out
the crap and be a more high-quality store. If the Android Market is Wal-mart we’d like to think we are FAO

Do you have kids yourself? What was your inspiration to do this?

I’m raising a rowdy six year old nephew; he was my inspiration for our niche. Darrell Brogdon has two
children: a four year old daughter and a two year old son who are increasingly interested in what’s on his
phone. My nephew can navigate my Android like a professional. Luckily, I can download and test safe
apps before he uses them. Most parents don’t have this luxury, or don’t know what is spam. With the new
generation of “digital natives” there has to be a way to give parents a resource to alleviate the worries they
may face as those kids take the phones from their hands. Because, afterall, “Kids need apps too”

Briefly describe your background?

I have experience in corporate sales, social media marketing, and supply chain management. I hold an
MBA from the University of Denver, and I am a graduate of the Founder Institute. As co-founder of
BloomWorlds I will be working on business development, investor relations and marketing.

When do you plan on officially launching Bloomworlds?

By January 1st, you’ll have a Bloomworlds Store on your phone. We are a couple months from the first
release. Now we are recruiting our Parental Advisory Council, interested Android parents can email
[email protected] to be involved in the app review process. Developers can also request
additional information from us at anytime, and we are excited to offer negotiable agreements as we move
forward. We aren’t structured on the normal 70/30 split. We’re open.

Todd thanks for your time. Please keep up with Bloomworlds at

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