Wall Street Hopeful Motorola Will Switch Gears

It’s no secret that Android has fueled Motorola’s comeback in the last year. Their high end “Droid” branded devices, released in a partnership with Google and Verizon have consistently been the top selling Android devices in the country. With 100 Million in advertising power and the easy confusion in consumers minds between “Droid” and “Android, Motorola has had a win-win in this deal.

However, everyone is certain that the Iphone launch on Verizon is imminent. Motorola shares have fallen 6% on concerns that Motorola is going to loose it’s footing when the Apple Hotcake hits Verizon shelves. Motorola will be announcing their Q3 results before the bell this morning and analysts are speculating that Motorola will post a profit of 11 cents a share on sales of $5.66 billion. This represents only a 4% increase on same quarter last year which would have been without sales of Motorola’s original Droid.

Although most are bearish on Motorola, MKM Partners analyst Tero Kuittinen upgraded Motorola to Buy. Kuittinen is looking for Motorola to place more of their higher grade, or premium handsets with other carriers like AT&T.  In a series of stories earlier this month Androidandme.com’s Taylor Wimberly began gathering information about a Motorola Tegra 2 powered device that will be released to all 4 carriers in Q1 2011. This will be the next premium Android handset release for Motorola and if it does in fact go to all 4 carriers this should keep Motorola headed on an upward swing.

source: Thestreet.com

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