Vlingo update adds hands free feature!

The “hands free” movement is spreading the nation quickly. It turns out it’s dangerous to text, call, play games, watch movies, or surf the web on your phone while you drive – but it has taken state law enforcement for people to get that. Fortunately, this is not the forum for my theories on Darwinian survival, and is instead a great place to learn about new goodies for Android. Well, effective right now, Vlingo has updated their Android app to include hands free voice functions!

Sprint users will receive the update today, and the rest of the world will get the update in about a week. The hands free function creates a unique solution for driving, without the need for a bluetooth device (though, those work with this app as well). When placed in car mode, Vlingo will maintain a mic open to await the activation word. Once the word is heard, Vlingo’s voice recognition function activates, and is instantly ready for receiving commands. Here’s a tutorial video from Mobile Focus 2010!

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