U-Verse Customers with AT&T now have Android App

AT&T has released an Android App for their U-Verse Customers but only to uverse customers with Android phones on AT&T. Both the HTC Aria, and the Samsung Captivate have immediate access to the U-Verse app.  The rest of their Android portfolio should see the app shortly except for those stuck on earlier versions of Android predating 2.1, which leaves out the Backflip and the Sony Xperia X10.

The Uverse app is for Uverse cable customers and allows customers to schedule and edit scheduling on their dvr boxes. They can also download content already stored on the DVR box to their supported Android handset via a wi-fi connection.

Jeff Weber, Vice President of Video Services for AT&T Mobility and Consumer markets said “We continue to innovate and integrate across devices, and we’re proud to bring the popular U-verse Mobile app to Android users,”

Uverse is currently the only 100 percent Internet Protocol Based Television service available by a national service provider.  There is no word when or if the uverse app will be available to Uverse customers who have an Android handset with a carrier outside of AT&T

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