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TheDroidGuy partners with mPlayit to release App Tap!

Sometimes it’s tough to try to be the central point for information related to Android. Take a look at this community and you see literally hundreds of new things a day. An army would have trouble covering all of it, which is what makes the Android News Alliance so great. We can share big stories and focus the other stories based on our viewing base. This causes something of a problem when it comes to apps. I don’t know if you have looked around recently, but the Android Market crossed 100,000 apps recently with no cause to slow it’s explosive growth down. A solution needed to be devised in order to make sure all of the apps in the market got acknowledged, since we know it isn’t always easy to find them. In comes the brilliant guys at mPlayit with the amazing idea they call AppTap!

AppTap is simple. Very soon you will see integrated into the TDG website the ability to search for any app in the market through an extremely simple yet functional UI. Paired alongside this UI is the addition of reviews submitted by all of mPlayit’s partners. If we here at TDG reviewed an app, you would see it anywhere you were viewing AppTap, and the same goes for AndroidGuys, TmoNews, and many other mPlayit Android partners. Alongside this partnership, our App review team will be submitting all app reviews found here to AppTap so everyone can benefit from this knowledge sharing partnership. mPlayit has created the single greates collaboration tool possible for the Android Alliance, who can now pool our resources for app reviews in this universal format! Look for a link to TDG apps on the website coming very soon!

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