The My Touch “What” is debuting on November 3

Our good friend David and Company over at Tmo News have scored a ninja pic of an internal email which highlights the release of the HTC MyTouch. It simply says “My Touch” though and not “My Touch HD” or “My Touch 4G”. We all know the newest version of the My Touch will have a dual processor (not dual core) and also be optimized for T-Mobile’s variant of 4G, HSPA+ however the name isn’t highlighted in this email.

The HTC Mytouch is T-Mobile’s franchise brand phone from HTC. HTC and T-Mobile just teamed up for the release of the G2, on October 6th, so less than a month later comes the new generation of MyTouch.

The Mytouch we’ve seen and played with is definitely feature rich and fast however the MyTouch brand has always seemed more family appealing and targeted to a different audience than the more rugged G2.

Will you be standing in-line for the next generation of MyTouch on November 3 or are you waiting for something else? The G2 is still a “Hot” phone.

Source: Tmonews

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  1. I have the My Touch 3G slide and if it came down to my phone or one of my spawn,I’d seriously have to think about it.I’m sure the newest one rocks!

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