Team Douche reveals more about ETA’s

Tonight in the AGTNFTW podcast Chris Soyars of Team Douche talked more about the ETA’s that he promised to the Android Community at the Big Android Barbecue.  If you didn’t know already, at the Big Android Barbecue @androidbeanie auctioned off a cyanogen beanie and a regular green beanie for Cell Phones for Soldiers.  Halfway through the Cyanogen auction Chris Soyars interrupted Thedroidguy and said if we got the auction to $200 then Team Douche would start giving ETAs on CM releases.

Soyars clarified that today and let everyone first know that he is a man of his word. The community laughed when Soyars came back to the mic to reveal that the nightly ETA was midnight <– duh

Tonight Soyars made an announcement and let everyone know that they wont be able to do ETA’s on CM 6.1 however they were going to structure CM 6.2 more like a “corporate software” company with official roadmaps, feature updates and more. He also said they would be using a new project manager piece of software to manage the ETA’s and the roadmap and if they get off track it will easily be readjusted.

So keep your eyes out for CM 6.1 and know when 6.2 comes out it will be more formal and the community will have their ETA’s

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