Taste the almost rainbow of the MyTouch 4G

November is quickly turning into new cellphone month it’s gotta be one of the most exciting times in the industry. The next installment in T-Mobile’s “My Touch” franchise is the “My Touch 4G”. Although it’s not official we have a good word that the MyTouch 4G will be available starting November 9th and in this beautiful array of colors.

Like it’s HTC brother the G2, the MyTouch 4G will be optimized for HSPA+ which is supposed to give it a theoretical speed of up to 14mbps down.

Other features include:

1Ghz Snapdragon Processor
Android 2.2
5Megapixel camera along with a front facing camera
8gb MicroSD installed upgradeable to 32gb
HSPA+ “4G” speeds
and wifi calling.
But it won’t be water resistant like the upcoming Motorola DEFY so please keep this one out of the snow and out of the pool.  We played with a MyTouch 4G on our recent trip to San Francisco and CTIA. As the MyTouch line has progressed from the original, to the 2nd generation with the 3.5″ jack, the slide and now the “4G”, the housing has seemed a little more sturdy with each incarnation.
Although the G2 is the predecessor to the HTC/G1, the first Android handset to retail, the MyTouch has been the T-Mobile franchise so we are sure we will once again see MyTouch ads in movie theaters, billboards, on the radio and on television. I wonder if Eric Clapton and WyClef Jean will be ready for an early upgrade.


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