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Sony PSP Phone Goes From Myth to Reality


It looks like the months and years of speculation have finally come to a head, the Sony PSP phone is becoming a reality.  What’s even better is that this gaming phone will be Android based!  Engadget has gotten there hands on not only a photo of the prototype device but also some juicy details about the phone too.
What we know so far is that the phone will run Android 3.0 (better assumption is 2.3) and will be powered by a 1Ghz Qualcomm processor and have 512 MB of RAM.  Also the device will have a 3.7 to a 4.1 inch touchscreen. So now that we have the inside of the phone covered let’s talk about the outside of the phone.
So as you can see from the picture above the phone will have a slide out panel that will contain the gaming controls to the phone. As expected there is a d-pad and the standard buttons that you can find on a PSP but one noticeable difference is the absence of an analog control.  While the analog control is gone there is a space in between the buttons that is said to be a touch sensitive surface.  The phone very much has a Sony PSP GO feel to it and for once that is a good thing.
While the phone will have access to the standard Android Marketplace it will also have a specialized Sony Marketplace that will give you all your Sony PSP game goodies.  So there you have it, everything we know about the Sony PSP phone to this point.  As usual though, don’t expect Sony to fully confirm the phone just yet because Sony is notorious for issuing their ever famous “We do not comment on speculation.” style of quote.  The other thing we know is that Sony can never keep a secret when it comes to their gaming devices. Stay tuned because as a long time gamer I will follow this with great interest  and post everything I can about this awesome Android handset.

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