Opera Mobile for Android Coming Soon with New Features

So Opera has decided to ratchet up their game by introducing a new beta.  The name for their beta release is going to be Opera Mobile for Android.  For those out there who are Opera fans, you can rejoice because in the beta version you will have a pinch to zoom option.  This will be a welcome addition because before you only had two levels of zoom.  While this is a new addition for Opera, those using a browser like Dolphin HD this isn’t a huge stand out.

The other upgrade that may make Opera a stand out is hardware acceleration.  So what will the hardware acceleration do for the Opera browser?  Well Opera states that hardware acceleration will enable faster browser speeds and navigation.  Yeah sounds like something that should’ve come standard in the initial version, but that’s why it’s called beta I guess.  Opera said that we can expect this newly designed browser within the next month.  With so many options that are out in the marketplace for browsers, do you think that this new Opera browser is going to be good enough to make it a premier browser?  I personally say no, but we will just have to wait and see what the company does during the beta testing.    Then again with over 250,000 downloads for Opera Mini they must be doing something right, or was it just the Opera name that garnered that kind of attention?

Source:  PC World

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