Norton adds Remote lock and wipe to Android App

Every time I hear about viruses, I laugh a little. I have never used Antivirus software personally, and never gotten a virus on any of the three Operating Systems I run. Sure, I recommend that you install antivirus software unless you are brave/smart enough to avoid that kind of thing, but it’s never been a problem for me. Because of this, when Norton first came out for Android I ignored it quickly. I know that TapSnake was an issue for some people, and I hear every once in a while about other issues, but never about anything severe. In order for me to install the software – it would need to offer me more, and they have!

Norton’s update will include in-app remote wipe, remote lock, and remote sim lock. Each of these features offered separately are available via other means, but tied in with the security of Norton you are given a full guaranteed experience. Remote Wipe and Lock are activated via sms, while SIM lock will bind the device to your sim card, in the event your device is stolen. Google Voice is not supported, unfortunately, but any normal SMS user would be able to take advantage of these features, which would be critical in the event your device is lost or stolen.

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