No Nexus 2 on November 8th at Samsung Event- Sorry Guys

We’re not sure where this rumor got started however it was regurgitated on Wednesday nights Android Show on Radio Android with host Scotty Brown. Scotty has some great sources however these sources led to Brown’s announcement that the next generation of Nexus, a developer phone, would be announced at a Samsung press event on November 8.  We have good sources that tell us this is not the case. Also any press member who was originally invited to this event can look at the invitation itself, the invitation image file has the name of the phone that will be announced and that particular device has already been leaked all over the place.

We are looking forward to seeing some extremely innovative ideas and speculation come to fruition on November 8th at the Samsung event however it is by no stretch the “Nexus 2” is Samsung working on a developer phone, quite possibly however I don’t think we will see anything along those lines until way into 2011.

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