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Nexus Two Debunked Again: Sascha Segan Debunks Nexus Two rumors– Sort of

PC Mag’s mobile/Android guru Sascha Segan immediately went to work to dig out the truth behind the rumors originally reported on by and other sites. Although Taylor Wimberly is up in arms and preaching about the nexus two like he’s telling the world the sky is blue, there seems to be a little confusion.

As we reported here yesterday, Segan confirms that the Novembe 8th event for Samsung is not the Nexus 2 or the Nexus S. We know exactly what device it is and it’s a press event so that information is confidential until the event. Samsung will be bringing a new concept to the phone and it should be a great event.

Segan also confirms, which we also said, that Samsung is working on bringing an unlocked phone to the United States with the developer sector in mind. He also cites the story with photo mock ups and such about the “Nexus two” on It’s our policy here at thedroidguy to take what gizmodo says with a grain of salt, they are often, in fact very often extreme Apple loyalists. However that doesnt automatically discount their story.

Samsung is definitely working on something that appears to be unlocked, feature packed and could be the debut to Gingerbread on a device. We think that the words “Nexus Like Phone” got quickly turned into “Nexus Two”

In our own research we went straight to the US Patent and Trademark Office. Both Samsung and Google are meticulous about making sure their proprietary information is secure before releasing it to the press. We did discover that “Nexus One” is a Google trademark so it could be possible that google could take that name to another manufacturer, but given the many times that this has happened in the past, where one manufacturer rolls out the second edition to another manufacturers phone, it wasn’t likely. (for the record we couldn’t find any time that this has ever happened in the wireless industry).

We also found that Samsung hasn’t registered anything new in the last little while either. Sure you could go with the argument that these things take time to appear in a government regulated database however a quick check prior to the Galaxy S event showed all the Samsung trademarks in-tow.

Segan goes on to say that Samsung is doing a product launch even citing the name Continuum as the phone it is debuting, a dual screen Android device on Verizon Wireless. In the very first invitations sent out the file name for the picture invitation was “Continuuminvite final”. I realize how bad the community wants the Nexus Two or wait let me correct that now, a Nexus One like device, and Samsung is definitely working on an unlocked device so that developers can have access to important features, Vanilla Android and the latest releases. Samsung is very supportive of the developer community. Samsung has developer websites, regularly support developer conferences and has developer evangelists.

Hold your breath just a little longer something new from developers is on the way.

souce: PC Mag and The Good Ole Sascha Segan

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