Newsweek Praises Android in This Week’s Cover Story

In case you missed seeing the cover of this week’s Newsweek, it reads
“Attack of the Droids”.  This was a great four page article on how “a tiny piece of software created by a few google engineers is ushering in the mobile revolution and reshaping the fortunes of the world’s biggest tech companies.”

Some of us adopted Android from the very beginning with our G1’s, but in retrospect that was just the beginning. In August Google was reporting the activation of 200,000 Android based phones each. And one day that number jumped to more than 250,000. This puts Android ahead of Apple’s iPhone, making it the biggest smartphone platform in the US. And third largest in world. This is huge for the platform we’ve all fallen in love with, and it only stands to get bigger.

“By 2014 Android will have 25 percent market share in smartphones, more than double Apple’s 11 percent share, according to high-tech researcher IDC.”

As we have all seen, PCs are being replaced by smartphones and tablets. And according to Newsweek, in 2013, 1 decade after smartphones were launched, there will be 1 billion of them in the world. This is close to the number of PCs that exist today, three decades after the PC was introduced.

The reason Android continues to grow and become more successful, is because of the openness of the platform. Not only with the Android software being free, it is also completely customizable for the manufacturers.

I am excited to  see Android continue to grow, as I’m sure most of you are, with the introduction of tablets, new phones, and hopefully some other integrations we haven’t even heard about yet! But for now, it is exciting just knowing that Android has now become the largest smartphone platform in the United States and it’s not slowing down anytime soon.

SOURCE: Newsweek

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