MyFord Touch – The Ultimate OEM Infotainment System

Ford introduced the MyFord Touch on the 2011 Ford Edge, Fiesta, and the upcoming 2012 Ford Focus. I was able to sit in the Edge to get a good feel for this system.
On either side of the analog speedometer sits a 4.2 inch screen, and in the center of the dash is an 8 inch screen. On the steering wheel you find controls for everything. Voice, environmental, and volume controls. So why am I covering this?
Due to the fact that all of us use mobile phones and many of us drive; unfortunately there really is no room for motor vehicle operation and looking away from the road. Ford’s Tagline for MyFord Touch “Hands on the wheel, Eyes on the road.” Nearly everything that you might want to do you can do with your voice. The Sync system has progressed to having a nearly 90% accuracy rate in understanding voice actions. In the demonstration there was not a single missed command (provided the correct command was spoken).
Coming in a few days I will post my full video demonstration/interview with multiple camera angles and complete demonstration of all the systems involved.

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