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Music With Me Offers Remote Access to your Itunes Library

If you’re like me then you have a huge Itunes library. Ok well as many of you know I am still a touring club and event DJ on the side and so I have an enormous Itunes library, but most also have way more songs than you could comfortably oranize on your Android device. So back to the story, if you’re like me than the minute you get out and about somewhere you start craving that one playlist that you didn’t sync to your phone this time… No Problem now, a company called Park Vu is offering it’s Music With Me application to Android users.

We originally saw Music With Me for blacbkerry at the Pepcom show in New York last June. From that point the CEO gave us a free demo that I used on a blackberry lying around the house. It was very simple, use the desktop program and the smartphone app and you can sync your itunes library all of it, a little of it, whichever part of it seemlessly from your PC to your smartphone without cables.

Obviously this kind of program is blazing fast on wifi and runs into some speed issues across 3g but its possible, especially for that one song that you just must have.. and right now! Make no mistake about this Music With Me is just that Music with me, it’s not a streaming connection (because there’s nothing I hate more than drop outs and lag) once the tracks are synced between the PC and the Android phone there is no longer a need for a wireless connection, saving battery!

“Android users love their phones and we’re happy to provide them with the ability to access all their favorite iTunes tracks on their Android smartphone,” said Terry Goertz, Co-CEO of ParkVu. “Eliminating the need to carry a dedicated music player makes their Android smartphone even more valuable to them.”

Music With Me is $14.99 after a free 30 day trial. What do you think how does it stack up to the other music applications on your Android phone?

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