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Motorola confirms Tegra 2 Phone to Android And Me

We are live here at CTIA Enterprise and Applications 2010 in San Francisco California. We bumped into our friend and co Android Barbecue Host, Taylor Wimberly, of Android and me who confirmed that in a conversation with Motorola, he found out that Yes there is a Tegra 2 Android device coming out and YES it will be in early 2011.

Wimberly scored an exclusive last night at Verizon and Motorola’s welcome party here in San Francisco. After his presentation Motorola C0-CEO Sanjay Jha sat down next to Wimberly who patiently waited his turn and then asked him about the top secret almost chuck norris processing Tegra 2 phone. Jha confirmed that he was good friends with the Nvidia CEO and that they may have to push the Tegra 2 phone to the 1st quarter.

Wimberly editorialized that he’s learned that at most companies everyone is so tight lipped however the CEOs seem to just speak off the cuff. This was most likely a reference to Samsung’s JK Shin directly leaking the Honeycomb tablet Samsung is working on at the IFA convention.

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source: Androidandme

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