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Jobs Concedes to Google’s Rise in the mobile space

Remember when Steve Jobs sat down with Wall Street Journal reporter Walt Mossberg at D8 and actually said that Hypercard was as good if not better than flash?  Following Apple’s earnings call, which was their first with a $20 Billion dollar quarter, Steve Jobs took the helm of the call and in true Jobs fashion fielded questions from reporters and analysts and also spoke candidly on Apple’s competition including Google and Android.

Before Jobs got into fielding Q&A questions he read a prepared statement on Apple’s position as an OS in the mobilespace and competitors RIM and Google.

In Steve Jobs remarks he made it clear that Google is a substantial competitor. He also said it’s possible Google could have shipped more Android based units than IOS based units in the September quarter. However he was quick to defend Apple’s position by saying combining Iphone, Ipod Touch and Ipad they ship 275,000 per day vs the 250,000 reported by Google earlier in the month.

Jobs went on to take potshots at Google’s “Openness” and Apple’s “Closedness” however he conceded when he said that even if Google is Open “Open doesn’t always win” and in a remark reminiscent of when he said that Hypercard was better than Flash, Jobs cited Microsoft’s open strategy for music players and Playsure.

And as his tirade (ok it wasn’t quite a tirade) but as Jobs paraded on about Android he also went on to call 7″ tablets “Tweeners” and saying that a 10″ tablet should be the minimum in tablet size because anything smaller causes elements to be too close together.  So does that mean Apple isn’t doing a 7″ tablet with dual cams?

After posting a substantial quarter Jobs ended his crusade to detract from Android without dropping any kind of official statement about an Iphone on Verizon.

source: mashable

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