HTC Desire Z and HTC Desire HD Delayed in Europe

Thoughts from the sidelines is citing a report from Unwired View that the HTC Desire Z and the HTC Desire HD are being delayed in Europe due to getting some sort of Google Approval. According to reports it’s this same “Google Type Approval” that delayed the original HTC Desire along with some of the Motorola Android handsets.
Because of Google’s position on the Open Handset Alliance they have the ultimate say at what and when an Android handset makes it to market.
Originally set for an October 6th and then an October 11th launch, both Desire devices have been delayed until the end of October or early November. Until this current delay it looked like the time from HTC’s initial announcement in September, to their original in store date, was going to be rather quick.
Although Android is open source, if a manufacturer wants to offer the suite of google apps and services which include Gmail, Google Search, and the Android Market, they must pass vigorous testing especially if they want to wear the logo “with Google” on the back of the device.
Knowing HTC’s push for Android devices and partnering with Google on the release of the Nexus One, we are certain these issues will be resolved quickly and we will still see both Desire devices under the tree.

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